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Adobe Jack, Grand Central, Manzanita, Javelina and Crusty

A stunning hike with unmatchable views.

What started as a 1.5-mile hike ended up taking a hair over five today. I was happy as the proverbial mollusk at slightly getting lost in the woods. Plus, with views this jaw-dropping, who wouldn’t want to spend some time soaking in all the good stuff.

The trail starts with magnificent glimpses of Thunder Mountain to the west and Ship Rock to the north. The first part of the path features rolling hills. You’ll elevate your heart rate slightly, but you won’t feel a hardcore burn. These trails see their fair share of biker traffic, so please remember to follow proper etiquette rules and give a friendly greeting to all you pass — it’s a small town, and we’re chummy like that.

Today’s journey led from Adobe Jack Trail to Coyote. From there, we took Grand Central Trail to Manzanita. We took a detour on Javelina and completed our loop by exiting Crusty back onto Adobe Jack. The entire trek lasts approximately three to four miles, but I was unable to get an exact estimate. Followers of my other blog know I have a lively host of health conditions, and so does my hiking partner. He has to slow down, and I have to keep moving. As a result, I doubled back several times. I didn’t mind a bit!

Along the way, you’ll enjoy views of some of Sedona’s most famous red rock formations. You’ll catch a glimpse of Marg’s Draw, where you can hike near the well-known Snoopy Rock. You’ll see Elephant Rock minus her impressive trunk. On parts of the trail, you can spy the spire of Chimney Rock, and on the way back, you’ll see Sugarloaf summit.

If you decide to recreate this hike, make sure that you eat first. Crusty Trail takes you right past Mariposa Restaurant on the return trek, and you’ll smell the heavenly aromas from the grill. It doesn’t matter if you’re a vegetarian — the scent will make you drool. Chef Lisa Dahl isn’t a local legend for nothing. She makes me want to become a better blogger so that I can enjoy her culinary creations more often.

Getting there: From Cottonwood (South), take 89A North. You’ll pass the light at Soldier’s Pass (as well as several others). Look for the Adobe Jack sign to the west/left as you descend the steep hill. If you reach the roundabout, you need to double back.

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