Welcome to Only in Sedona!

Welcome to beautiful Sedona, AZ, USA! This little town nestled in the northern Arizona wilderness offers a quirky vibe and unique appeal you can’t find anywhere else on earth. 

According to the World Population Review, this tiny slice of heaven boasts just over 10,000 residents, but it isn’t little when it comes to nature. You’ll find the entire town surrounded by national forest land, making it the perfect spot to visit if you live to hike, mountain bike, or just kick back and take in some of the most spectacular scenery you’ll find only in Sedona. 

You can hike from one end of town to the other with your feet barely hitting the sidewalk. You’ll find no shortage of jaw-dropping sandstone formations and mystical vortices in Sedona. The high desert landscape comes alive in the springtime and fall. You’ll find blankets of wildflowers in every hue imaginable in the spring and lose yourself in the splendor of autumn as you stroll among the changing leaves at Oak Creek. 

Sedona is also the home to some of the best holistic healing therapies you’ll find anywhere. If you are a yoga buff, you can find restorative classes suitable for folks of any fitness level. The area’s numerous day spas offer therapeutic massages, reiki, and specialty treatments like sound therapy to restore you to optimal well-being. 

The region is rich in history and lore — many of your favorite western took featured Sedona as a backdrop. You can explore the ancient ruins of America’s original residents and learn about their way of life. Book a horseback riding excursion and see the land the way the pioneers experienced its ruggedness. 

I loved it so much the first time I laid eyes on this neck of the woods, I decided to kick my feet up and stay a spell. I started this blog to share the wonder of Red Rock Country with the world. It’s very much a labor of love with new posts and videos added regularly. Feel free to visit the forum and share your photos and videos of your Sedona getaway

Relax, pour yourself a cup of herbal tea, and explore the magic you can find only in Sedona!

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