Top 5 Things to Do on Your Sedona Vacation

There’s never been a better time to plan your Sedona getaway. While travel restrictions remain in many areas, you don’t need a passport stamp to visit if you live in the United States. 


However, it can seem unusual to head to a tiny town of just over 10,000 souls on holiday. What makes the region so spectacular besides the jaw-dropping scenery? Here are the top five things to do on your Sedona vacation.

1. Climb to Cathedral Rock’s Spires 

Indubitably, the number one thing to do in Sedona is to get out there and enjoy nature’s beauty at its finest. Why not head to one of the area’s most photographed mystical vortexes and rock formations, Cathedral Rock, for a physical and spiritual workout? 


You can climb right up to the spires and enjoy a sweeping vista of rim country. You’ll need to scramble up some rock handholds — make sure you wear shoes with gripping soles. 


However, if the vertigo proves a bit too much, you can take the Easy Breezy trail route to Templeton trail and circumnavigate the formation while staying on relatively even ground. This route is a favorite for mountain bikers — and with multiple bike rental locations in town, you may decide to join them.

2. Take a Pink Jeep Tour

Sedona is a town surrounded by public land. You can hike from one end to the next without your feet touching the sidewalk, but even veteran athletes can only go so far on foot. If you want to take in more sweeping views and get photo ops, why not book a Pink Jeep Tour?


You’ll see these vehicles everywhere in town — and the color makes them a snap to spot. Enjoy the same scenery you’ll recognize from many famous westerns along Broken Arrow trail and get your adrenaline rush when you go down the slide.

3. Meditate at the Chapel of the Holy Cross 

You don’t have to be a Catholic to embrace your spiritual side at the picturesque Chapel of the Holy Cross, although you can get one-of-a-kind rosaries at the attached gift shop if you are. However, those of all faiths — or no religion at all — can gaze out at the unbeatable view of nature’s glory while meditating on your place in it. 

Are you thinking of getting hitched? There’s no more heavenly spot to host your ceremony. There are no regularly scheduled masses, although they occasionally host prayer groups on site.

4. Indulge in a Relaxing Spa Treatment

Sedona has a reputation as an outdoor wonderland for adventurers, but all that hiking and biking can leave your muscles feeling awfully sore. Why not ease the ache by booking a relaxing massage at one of the area’s many day spas? Given the area’s unique vibe, you’ll find no shortage of energy treatment add-ons and healthy, organic oils and cosmetics that nurture your skin and the planet. 


Because this tiny town stands at the forefront of holistic remedies, it’s one of the few locations to offer space-aged sound-healing treatments like the Harmonic Egg. Plus, if you’re getting ready for a big night out on the town, you can get your hair and skin looking its best all in one trip. .

5. Dine at a Dahl Restaurant

There’s no shortage of fine dining in Sedona, but chef Lisa Dahl has built a veritable empire of delicious eats. Best of all, you can now find something for every price point. Eat lunch at Pisa Lisa in West Sedona and finish off your wood-fired with some of the creamiest gelato you’ve ever tasted. Alternatively, if you find yourself on the other side of town in the Village, head to Butterfly Burger 


When it’s time for dinner, West Sedona boasts Dahl & DiLuca or Mariposa if you’re closer to uptown. If you stay in the Village, head to Custina Rustica, where you’ll enjoy unbeatable ambiance and some of the most delicious Mediterranean fare imaginable.

Be Sure to Do These Top 5 Things on Your Sedona Vacation 

If travel restrictions have you feeling cabin fever, why not load up the family truckster and head west? People of all ages will have a blast enjoying one of these top five things to do on a Sedona vacation.

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