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Ledge-N-Airy Peace and Quiet

Sometimes, you want to get away from what the writer Thomas Hardy would dub the madding crowds. If solitude is your yen, I recommend Ledge-N-Airy trail.

This is a soft, sweet trail that doesn’t climb too quickly or possess too many ankle-twisting rocks. You won’t need a hiking stick if you typically use one.

Heading out, you enjoy lovely views of Cockscomb. You can take the nearby Outer Limits trail if you want to hike over to it. However, that is a trek for another tale.

Around the 2-mile mark, I started wondering about the name of this trail. I didn’t see much of a ledge at all. I guess this one qualifies.

Never fear, though, if you get a touch of vertigo (I sometimes do!). This picture represents how close you’ll come to cliff-walking, which isn’t very close at all.

Since I arrived at the Girdner trailhead via shank’s mare, I decided to head back when the trail began angling toward Highway 89A. On the way back to the trailhead, you’ll catch some spectacular views of Thunder Mountain in the rising sun.

Getting there: From Cottonwood, head north on Highway 89A to the Cultural Park stoplight. Head west past the college where you’ll find parking. Proceed through the green gate to the Centennial/Outer Limits trailheads. Follow the Outer Limits trail for approximately one mile to the first junction of Outer Limits/Ledge-N-Airy.

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