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Birthplace of the MSM Yoga Style

Only in Sedona Yoga

Sedona draws yogis, artists, writers, and mystics of all kinds. Of course, it’s the perfect location for giving birth to a whole new yoga style — MSM yoga!

What is MSM Yoga?

What is MSM yoga? Simply put, it’s yoga for everyone! It’s designed to be a gentle yet effective way to strengthen and stretch your entire body, but it’s so much more than a physical workout.

The acronym “MSM” stands for Mobility, Stretch, and Meditation. This workout is intended to heal your body — and your spirit. It recognizes that our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves all work as one to make us the unique creations we are.

MSM yoga draws from traditional hatha yoga practice, with influences from ashtanga to yin. It also incorporates techniques from tai chi, dance, mobility training, even physical therapy.

This program aims to get you everything you need for total fitness — cardio, strength training, and flexibility. It’s non-impact, making it gentle on your joints, and requires zero equipment.
Every workout consists of four sections:

Your yoga guide Jennifer created this fitness program, drawing inspiration from the gorgeous red rock vortexes, her 30+ years of knowledge of exercise physiology, and more than a decade as a chronic pain patient. She took the practices she used to regain control of her body after several traumatic injuries and combined them in a form that hopes to cure the daily ills of modern life.
MSM yoga is, above all, fun! It’s born out of the idea that movement should feel good. It’s the practice we use to ease aches and pains, alleviate anxiety and depression, and cultivate a positive outlook. Give it a try — we hope you find it as healing and transformative as we do and make it an integral part of your life.