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Snow Day in #Sedona

There’s something magical about snow in the desert. The pristine white blanket on the red rocks evokes feelings of purity and rebirth. The fleeting nature of the phenomenon reminds us to practice mindfulness in the present moment.

The snowfall of Black Friday, 2019, closed down the primary thoroughfares through town. For a while there, it looked as if we might get several inches of accumulation. I thought about heading out immediately — but the last time I headed out while the snow still fell, the wind blew the flakes into my hood, freezing my neck. I decided hot tea was the order of the day instead.

However, given the ephemeral nature of desert precipitation, by the time the afternoon rolled around, much of the magic had turned to mush. I refused to believe all the fluffy goodness had disappeared before I got to capture the majesty. The nice thing about living in Sedona? You’re never more than a mile or two from a trail. I set out on foot to see what I could see.

For folks in more temperate climates, 26 degrees ranks as cold, but not unbearable. However, when you live with triple-digit heat much of the year, your blood gets thinner than a piece of holiday tissue paper. Even bundled up, I felt like I had gotten assigned work detail in the deep freezer — while wearing a bikini.

When it comes to snow, though, I’m like a little kid — I gotta get out in it. Hey, releasing your inner child now and then benefits your mental and physical health!

As I walked, I muse as I often do on Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on Snowy Evening.” I didn’t have miles to go before I slept, but I did have fingers to warm before they went numb. Even bone-numbing cold has a silver lining — I discovered that yes, Virginia, I could still run a 10k in under an hour. When my lungs have freezer burn and a cup of hot tea awaits me at the finish line. that is.

Only two days later, the snow is now a memory, aside from a few tired-looking patches lining the sides of roadways. I’m glad I took advantage of the chance to take a few photos. Next time, maybe I’ll head out while the white stuff still falls — frozen neck and all.

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