Kel Fox Trailhead Sedona AZ

Kel Fox Trail

Cathedral Rock and Thunder Mountain from Kel Fox Trail in Sedona AZ

If you’re seeking some of the most heart-stopping vistas imaginable, you can look west over the town of Sedona, AZ from Kel Fox Trail. This out-of-the-way hike is a little tricky to get to, but the views make the effort worth it. 

Kel Fox was one of the area’s first ranchers and an early legislator. You can follow the same footsteps he took to transport his cattle. Could you imagine coming across this sweeping vista on horseback? 

You won’t find any trailhead parking, but don’t let that dissuade you from giving this hike a go. Stop by one of the areas many bike rental locations and pedal your way. 

I did a 2-mile out-and-back trek, but the trail does continue for a considerable distance. It isn’t one of the more well-maintained hikes, but that’s part of the charm. You won’t have to worry about much cross-traffic, although you will find a charming side-path named Kathie’s Trail at the spot where I turned around. 

The meadows surrounding the trail are surprisingly soft for a desert climate. You’ll still have to watch for sharp things, but if you bring a picnic blanket and basket, you could enjoy a delicious alfresco lunch with an unbeatable backdrop. If you head out in the evening, you can see the Milky Way unfettered by bright city lights. 


Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte From Kel Fox Trail Sedona, AZ
Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte Through the Branches on Kel Fox Trail
Sunny Prickly Pear on Kel Fox Trail Sedona AZ
Overlooking the Town of Sedona AZ from Kel Fox Trail

If you go: Take the Sedona exit off the I-17 and turn right on Rojo Drive. Go right on Arabian Drive to trailhead. There is no trailhead parking, so please use eco-friendly transport, like bikes or horses. 

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever on Kel Fox Trail in Sedona