Gear Guide: Top 10 Products for Sedona Hikers

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One of the glorious things about a Sedona vacation is that you don’t have to be among what Senator Bernie Sanders would call the top 1% of 1% to enjoy your trip. All you really need to get the most out of our most magnificent attraction — the pristine public lands surrounding the town — are your two feet. 


However, if you want to make your outdoor trek considerably more comfortable, it helps to have handy comfort gear. Even then, you need not spend much cash: none of the items on this list top out at more than $100, and many are less than $30. Invest in these top ten products for Sedona hikers and lose yourself in nature’s beauty.


1. A Handwarmer and Phone Charger Combo

“Um, isn’t Sedona in the desert?” If that was your first thought, you’re one clever buckaroo — days can get quite toasty, even in winter. However, the lack of humidity sends temperatures plummeting around sunrise and sunset, leading to freezing digits while you try to snap spectacular photos. Plus, there’s nothing worse than your phone dying just as the lighting reaches perfection — stay warm and avoid heartbreak with this 2-for-1 gadget. 

Get Your Gear Here: $24.99

2. A Set of Trekking Poles

While you’ll find a few paved area trails at Red Rock State Park and parts of Centennial up on the west side, most of your treks will take you over rocky ground. Furthermore, if you have back problems, you can ease some of the pressure on your spine by distributing it among four “legs.” These trekking poles will help you keep your balance, prevent overturned ankles and enjoy a longer excursion. 

Get Your Gear Here: $36.99

3. A Tactical Flashlight

Here’s a word to the wise: You don’t want to get stuck on Hiline Trail after dark. The cliff edges are too precipitous. However, if you do miscalculate your time, the right tactical flashlight can illuminate your path and safely get you back to civilization. 

Get Your Gear Here: $19.50

4. A Pocket First Aid Kit

The desert is a beautiful but dangerous place. It can seem like everything has sharp edges way out west. When you get a minor cut, don’t let it fester — keep a pocket-sized first aid kit on your person. 

Get Your Gear Here: $9.94

5. A Double-Walled Water Bottle

Hiking in the desert is mighty thirsty work. Unfortunately, Arizona sees more than its fair share of hiker fatalities due to dehydration — please take care to avoid becoming a statistic. One way to carry the H20 you need is with this stylish double-walled water bottle that will keep your beverage from boiling in the summertime sun. 

Get Your Gear Here: $25.95

6. A Hydration Pack

At the risk of beating a dead camel, have I mentioned how vital it is to stay hydrated while hiking in the desert? We’ll repeat it over and over here at Only In Sedona because we love our readers and visitors and want you to stay safe. When your two hands can’t carry enough H20 for a lengthier excursion, turn yourself into an imitation dromedary with this hydration backpack. 

Get Your Gear Here: $18.98

7. Water Purification Tablets

Again with the water? Yes. While you occasionally will find natural water bodies here — it’s one reason our valley stays green — it’s not always safe to drink. As much as concerned volunteers try to keep our natural environment pristine, Sedona is not immune to environmental catastrophe. Please protect the planet’s beauty when you visit, and if you do need to steal a sip of wild water, use these tablets to make it safe first.

Get Your Gear Here: $13.55

8. Some Shoe Grips

If you are new to traversing desert scree slopes, here’s a tip: go slow and turn your feet sideways. Those tiny rocks can send you slipping and sliding on an unanticipated ride before you can utter the word “oops.” Better yet, make your sneakers stickier with a set of shoe grips designed to tackle the desert terrain. 


Get Your Gear Here: $12.88

9. A Military-Grade Compass

At the risk of sounding like the Sedona woo-woos we are — there is something to this vortex stuff, you guys. My partner and I have both had our cellphones malfunction in certain areas, and we’re not referring to dropped signals. It sounds mystical, but it pays to have a backup device in case you get turned around, and your GPS says, “nope.” A compass decreases your chances of search and rescue helicopters launching after you. 


Get Your Gear Here: $18.99

10. A Cellphone Signal Booster and Charging Case

Speaking of dropped signals — expect it to happen on your Sedona vacation. While you won’t notice much difference in strength in some areas of town, you’ll find frequent dead zones everywhere. Decrease your chances of missing that vital call with a cellphone signal booster that improves your chances for calling for help in remote regions. 


Get Your Gear Here: $99.95

Gear Up With These 10 Products Before Your Next Sedona Hike

The best part about visiting Sedona is that you don’t need a dime to go hiking if you walk to the trailhead. All you need are two feet and a childlike sense of wonder. Still, you can make your next trek much more fun and comfortable with the ten products above.

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