MSM Flow 3 — Growth

Jennifer Stanley/ March 27, 2021/ Yoga/ 0 comments

MSM 3 Flow — Growth Are you seeking a gentle healing flow that is suitable for beginners, people with disabilities, and those seeking a recovery day? Please look no further than the MSM series.  I’ve designed this program primarily for those with physical challenges. However, we are mind/body creatures, and your thoughts are powerful. One of my motivations when creating

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MSM Yoga Flow One

Jennifer Stanley/ March 14, 2021/ Yoga/ 0 comments

MSM (Mobility, Stretch, and Meditation ) Flow Number One I love it when a plan comes together.  Our business vision continues to come together here at Only In Sedona. We want to continue bringing the beauty of Sedona and healing yoga like you can find only, well, here, right to your living room. We also want to incorporate some healing

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5 Minute Flow 1

Jennifer Stanley/ February 18, 2021/ Yoga/ 0 comments

5-MInute Quick Core Yoga Workout As I mentioned before, the Only in Sedona crew has been hard at work developing a yoga YouTube channel to bring you the magic of Sedona wherever you are. We haven’t launched it yet — primarily because the guide (me) has an upcoming surgery. It might put a kibosh on weekly updates for a little

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Self-Care Yoga Flow

Jennifer Stanley/ January 23, 2021/ Yoga/ 0 comments

Self-Care Flow Many people think self-care requires a trip to a fancy spa. While Sedona does have its share of glorious locations to indulge yourself, you don’t have to spend a dime to pamper yourself. Rejuvenate and revitalize your body with this nurturing self-care yoga flow and mini-meditation.  https://www.youtub

New Years Let 2020 Go Yoga Flow and Meditation

Jennifer Stanley/ December 30, 2020/ Yoga/ 0 comments

Happy New Year from Only in Sedona and Only in Sedona Yoga Howdy! My partner and I have been hard at work creating more content for our upcoming yoga channel. My goal is to create a very healing place where folks from around the world can enjoy the beauty you can find Only in Sedona.  I think we can all

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Boost Your Immunity Naturally Yoga Flow

Jennifer Stanley/ November 23, 2020/ Yoga/ 0 comments

Immunity Boost Yoga Flow It’s 2020 — The Year of COVID-19. Plus, cold and flu season has arrived. If you want to boost your immunity naturally, try this yoga practice and the other natural healing tips I offer in this hour-long flow. It’s time to get yoru meditative workout groove going!

Trick-or-Treat Yoga Flow — Trick

Jennifer Stanley/ November 8, 2020/ Yoga/ 0 comments

Trick-or-Treat Yoga Flows: Trick Happy Halloween! Here is a pair of yoga flows — one naughty, one nice. If you are more intermediate, this version of this spooktacular flow is for you. Enjoy!

30-Minute Welcome, Old Man Winter Yoga Flow

Jennifer Stanley/ November 8, 2020/ Yoga/ 0 comments

30-Minute Welcome, Old Man Winter Yoga Flow You guys, I am getting so excited! My partner and I have been working hard at shooting new videos — I apologize for not adding more new content, but it is for a cause. We’re getting closer to our dream of launching our YouTube channel in January. While these videos are from our

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Post-Hike Yoga Cool Down Flow

Jennifer Stanley/ October 19, 2020/ Yoga/ 0 comments

People come to Sedona from around the world for many reasons. Hiking falls into the top three, but the unaccustomed exercise can leave you feeling sore. After a day of climbing Cathedral Rock or playing in any of our various wonderlands, cool down and ease your aching legs with this post-hike flow.