Baldwin Trail to Hiline

Jennifer Stanley/ March 22, 2021/ Hikes/ 0 comments

Baldwin Trail to Hiline Take me to church! If you can’t get enough of Sedona’s Cathedral Rock vortex, head to Baldwin trail for breathtaking views of this famous formation. This 2-mile moderate trek from the trailhead to the Hiline Trail crossing is like Baby Bear’s chair. It offers just enough challenge to get your heart pumping faster without punishing your

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Big Park Loop to Middle Trail

Jennifer Stanley/ March 16, 2021/ Hikes/ 0 comments

Big Park Loop to Middle Trail Do you want the perfect easy hike that takes you past two of Sedona’s most famous red rock formations? You can’t go wrong with this 2-mile loop that won’t have you pulling any hills — but which will get your heart racing from the magnificent views nevertheless.  After several days of rain with the

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Kel Fox Trail

Jennifer Stanley/ February 12, 2021/ Hikes/ 0 comments

Kel Fox Trail If you’re seeking some of the most heart-stopping vistas imaginable, you can look west over the town of Sedona, AZ from Kel Fox Trail. This out-of-the-way hike is a little tricky to get to, but the views make the effort worth it.  Kel Fox was one of the area’s first ranchers and an early legislator. You can follow

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Exploring Oak Creek in Early Autumn

Jennifer Stanley/ October 19, 2020/ Hikes/ 0 comments

Exploring Oak Creek in Early Autumn Is there any season more glorious than autumn? You have baseball playoff season, Halloween, and in this neck of the woods, some of the most idyllic weather outside of heaven.  Sedona is so breathtaking, I sometimes wonder if I’m already in the afterlife. On this picturesque fall Sunday, my partner and I originally planned

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Slim Shady and Made in the Shade Loop

Jennifer Stanley/ October 4, 2020/ Hikes/ 0 comments

Slim Shady and Made in the Shade Loop Are you looking for the ideal 2-mile hike? Do you want something not too challenging but that still gets your heart pumping?  If you want to pair solitude with civilization and heart-stopping views both, head to the Slim Shady/Made in the Shade loop. This outing features many of the qualities that make

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Turkey Creek Trail

Jennifer Stanley/ September 27, 2020/ Hikes/ 0 comments

Turkey Creek Trail The one thing I’m most grateful for here in Sedona is that there’s always a place to find some sweet solitude. Current events had me in a funk this Sunday morning. Therefore, I decided that the only thing to do was to lace up my tennis shoes and reduce my cortisol levels via the magic of sunshine,

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Roaming Through Red Rock State Park

Jennifer Stanley/ August 8, 2020/ Hikes, Local/ 0 comments

Are you tired of being stuck indoors yet? During one sunny spring quarantine weekend, I decided to play tourist in my home town. Red Rock State Park slaked my thirst for a new adventure like a desert oasis.  If you want a breathtaking hike you can take #OnlyinSedona, clip your mask and sanitizer onto your key chain and hit the

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10 Rules of Trail Etiquette to Follow on Your Sedona Vacation

Jennifer Stanley/ June 8, 2020/ Hikes, Local, Support Local #Sedona Businesses/ 0 comments

10 Rules of Trail Etiquette to Follow on Your Sedona Vacation Ah, the great outdoors. A place where a human can finally be free. Rules? Who needs ‘em?    I hate to tell you this, pardner, but you do. Like any sport, there are rules to the game of exploring nature’s playground. Following them preserves delicate environments for future visitors

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