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There's Nothing More Magical Than Snow in Sedona

Ray Bradbury once wrote a short story entitled, “All Summer in a Day.” In it, a girl lives on Venus. It rains every day there, but one day, a freak weather pattern offers a chance to see the sun, an opportunity that arrives only every several years. Then, it’s back to drab and dreary. 

In the tale, the protagonist’s classmates lock her in a closet when the sun appears, stealing her one chance to experience warmth and heat. 

Folks who follow my other blog know that I have a rare neurological condition that sometimes quite literally knocks me on my butt. As luck would have it, I got hit with a monster attack on the two magical days this high-desert town gets to experience that fourth season known as winter. 

I might have shed a tear or two as I reflected on that Bradbury tale. You see, a heavy sticking snowfall only happens around these parts every few years, too. It’s as rare as sunshine on Venus.

Then, with the opening bars of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” stuck on replay in my head, I said “forget you” to my aching body, zipped up my three layered sweatshirts and headed out to capture the magic that is snow in Sedona. The result is below. Please feel free to steal any of the images in this post, although I’d appreciate a link back if you do. My ultimate (and admittedly crazy) dream is to build a sustainable company that can someday help other disabled folks like me enjoy meaningful work, and it means a lot. Thanks! <3 

With no further ado, please enjoy the magic that is snowy Sedona! 

Bell Rock in the Sedona Snow
A Good Six Inches of Sedona Snow
The Sisters in the Sedona Snow
Bell in the Sedona Snow 2
Bell on a Grey Day in Sedona AZ
Castle Rock in the Sedona Snow
Cathedral Climb in the Sedona Snow
Cathedral Vista in the Sedona Snow
Courthouse and Lee Mountain in the Sedona Snow
Courthouse in the Sedona Snow 2
Courthouse in the Sedona Snow
Courthouse Through the Brambles in the Sedona Snow
Happy Couple in the Sedona Snow

If you are the happy couple I accidentally captured in this shot, please let me know! <3 


Heading Up to Yavapai Point in the Sedona Snow Two
I Just Liked This Snowy Tree in Sedona AZ
Looking at Sedona from Bell in the Sedona Snow
Many Trails Are Pristine in the Sedona Snow
My Private Yoga and Meditation Spot in the Sedona Snow
Oak Creek in the Sedona Snow With Sunshine
On the Way Up to Courthouse
Peekaboo Bell in the Sedona Snow
Red and White Sedona Glory
Sedona Vista from Yavapai
Side Creek in the Sedona Snow
Side of Bell Rock in the Sedona Snow
Side of Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock in the Sedona Snow
Snow Covered Courthouse Butte Sedona AZ
Snow Day Hike in Sedona AZ
Snowy Bell Rock in Sedona AZ
Snowy Cathedral Rock Through the Branches
Snowy Courthouse in Sedona
Snowy Grey Bell Rock Sedona AZ
Snowy Grey Courthouse in Sedona AZ
Snowy Mountains in Sedona A
Snowy Yucca in Sedona AZ
Sometimes, You Just See a Cool Tree in the Sedona Snow
Thunder Mountain in the Sedona Snow

As you can see, there’s nothing more breathtaking than Sedona in the snow. When you plan your getaway, please don’t rule out the winter season. You might just get to experience the magic. 

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