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10 Reasons to Visit Sedona Now

Are you feeling trapped like a firefly in a bottle due to travel restrictions? What if I let you in on a little secret — the best place to vacation is right here in the U.S.

Why should you head west, young man, woman, or non-binary individual? Here are ten reasons to visit Sedona now before the summer ends and autumn responsibilities beacon.

Top of Bell Rock Only in Sedona

1. We Are Open for Business

Are you jonesing to get pumped up like “Hans and Franz” as much as you are to hit the road? You’re in luck in beautiful Sedona. You might be able to hit the gym soon, although you’ll hardly need a treadmill or stairclimber to get your cardio. 


You can find nearly every business open with new precautions to keep you safe when you visit Sedona. Most of them have fully stocked shelves, and they anxiously await your browsing pleasure. 

2. You Can Climb to New Heights 

If you scoff at vertigo, you’ll find plenty of climbing and bouldering opportunities. There’s nothing like a steep incline to elevate your heart rate, and the view from the top will drop your jaw like a castle drawbridge. 


You can scramble to the spires of Cathedral rock in less than 30 minutes if you have no fear of rock handholds and a healthy pair of lungs. Bear Mountain is ideal if you have the entire day, but you might want to wait until the weather cools — it takes around six hours to reach the summit. 

3. You’ll Absorb Healing Vortex Energy 

You won’t find the landscape dotted with whirlpools ready to suck you into another dimension. However, you will find spiritual power locations that you can visit for meditation — or an unstoppable view. 


Some people believe that there’s an inspiring and loving female presence that lingers over the area. One local legend claims that if she doesn’t approve of your vibe, she’ll chew you up and spit you out. In light of recent experiences, when an unplanned pandemic move shook my world, I’m humbled and grateful that she allowed me to stay. 

4. You Can Get a Massage to Die For

Sedona’s healing magic doesn’t only come from the rocks. You’ll find ample day spas dotting the landscape, and most welcome new clients. If you work hard to eliminate toxins from your environment, you’ll adore the all-natural products many places embrace. 

Are you traveling with your special someone? Why not book a couple’s massage at Namti Spa? After my recent “hurry up and relo” experience, I let Mark ease my body from the ache of a thousand and one American moving boxes. I have no idea how he managed all those knots, but I left feeling much better.

Harmonic Egg, MY Face and Body, Sedona, AZ

5. Or Cutting Edge Healing You Can Hardly Find Elsewhere

Have you heard of the Harmonic Egg? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t — there are only 15 of these puppies in the U.S. One of them is located right in our tiny, picturesque town. 


You’ll find this space-age DNA-repairing gadget at Medically Yours/MY Face and Body in West Sedona. Stacy Davidson will guide you through your first spin, and she is the sweetest healer on this side of the Mississippi. If you have a bit of money left burning a hole in your pocket, she also does incredible skincare, including injectables. It’s not like I have personal experience, but rumor has it (shh). 

6. You’ll Find Most Unique Gifts 

When it comes to shopping, you won’t find a single big-box retailer in town — we like to celebrate local businesses in these parts. You won’t find a bargain-basement blender, but if you need a sage blessing kit for your new home, you’re in luck. 


No visit to Sedona is complete without a trip to Tlaquepaque — pronounced ta-LOCK-a-pock-ay — named after its sister artist’s mecca down Mexico way. You’ll find anything from one-of-a-kind artwork to books and gourmet southwest hot sauce. The latter can pack a kick. 

7. You Can Transform Into a Pretzel 

If you love Ashtanga or Yin, you have to visit Sedona now to get into your yoga groove. You’ll find no shortage of yoga studios and outdoor classes alike. 


If you’re the independent sort, you can throw down a mat just about anywhere you won’t risk a cactus spine interrupting your savasana. My partner and I are busily working on getting more videos on this site so that you can enjoy the region’s beauty from anywhere in the world. This blog is a labor of love, and so is our video project — please be patient while we work out the technical details. 

8. You’ll Enjoy Gourmet Dining 

For a relatively skinny cowgirl, I love to eat, and some of the best food I’ve ever had I can find #OnlyinSedona. Please don’t leave down before splurging on one of Chef Lisa Dahl’s many gourmet restaurants. From Butterfly Burger to Mariposa Grill, you’ll find some of the west’s most delectable fare in settings worthy of your Sunday best. 


Is your budget a bit tighter? When you visit Sedona, you can also find some of the tastiest, down-home Mexican-American cooking ever. If you’re in the Village, head to Miley’s Cafe, or hit up Cafe Jose on the west side. You’ll enjoy huge portions at prices that won’t drain your wallet. 

9. You Won’t Lose Your Religion

If you’re devout, you might find all this talk of psychics, auras, and mysticism a bit unusual. There’s plenty here to delight followers of the Christian faith as well as new-age spiritualists. 


If your soul needs healing, light a candle at the Chapel of the Holy Cross. My folks live back east, so when I lost both my grandmothers, I headed here to do just that in their honor. You’ll also find a gift shop where you can find unique, handcrafted rosaries instead of the typical sundries. 

10. You Won’t Lack for Hiking Areas

Granted, in the busy summer tourist season, you’ll face limited parking spaces at the most frequently visited locations. I advise you to get there early to snag a spot. However, if you find the lot full, pick one that’s off the beaten path. There are multiple newly-created trails in West Sedona, and you’ll find ample space to stash your ride at the end of Cultural Park Road. 


When you find your favorite trek, come back and share your adventure, please. Swing by our forum page and share your gorgeous travel photos of your visit to Sedona. 

Summer Is Still Here — What’s Your Reason to Visit Sedona Now? 


There are a million reasons to visit Sedona now — these are only ten. Discover your bliss in the desert southwest and beat the traveling blues by booking your stay today. 

Cathedral from Trailhead, Sedona, AZ
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